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Meet Pamela Grosam

Intuitive Healer, Shiatsu and Tuina Therapist,
Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Angel Messenger, Raindrop Therapist,
Yoga and meditation teacher, Yin and Acupressure Teacher and trainer.

Pamela has studied many different healing techniques over the course of her lifetime and as a result, she has developed her own intuitive style of therapy. She began her journey of healing 29 years ago with the study and practice of Shiatsu, Japanese acupressure and Tuina, Chinese medical massage. Since then, Pamela has been Certified in Sound Healing, Angel Reading, Intuitive Channeling, Tuning forks, Medical Qigong healing and she is an Usui Reiki master healer. Pamela has studied and taught the Tai chi 24 form and practiced Qigong movement. She has a deep understanding of essential oils and incorporates them into her practice and offers the Raindrop healing technique combined with Shiatsu and Tuina therapy.

Pamela is a yoga teacher with over 600 hours of accreditation through the Yoga Alliance. She teaches Yin yoga, Restorative yoga and leads meditations as well as hosting group Sound Immersions and Yoga with essential Oils for emotional release classes.  She has a profound love and understanding of the effects of sound healing for the body mind and spirit; this continues to be a focal point of Pamela's future offerings. 

Pamela began teaching Yoga in 2019 and has since then combined her years of acupressure experience with her love for Yin yoga. She has created a Yin with Acupressure training program and will soon be announcing the release of this advanced study program.


Pamela started leading yoga retreats in 2022 and brings all of her gifts to the participants who attend. The amazing desert city, Todos Santos, Mexico, which is a magical vortex town that lies along the tropic of cancer line is where Pamela lives. This healing vortex will become her new retreat destination and yin with acupressure training location.


Acu Meridi-Yin 


Take your Yin Yoga class to the next level!

Acu Meridi-Yin is a comprehensive training program focused on the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine and the application of acupressure in the Yin classroom.

Click here for training information!


The 2023 Retreat was Amazing!

Upcoming Retreat
Serenity Reef
Cabo Palmo, Mexico 

Contact information:

Pamela Grosam


WhatsApp: +1 952-465-7562

Todos Santos, Baja Sur Mexico

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